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Almost every business owner or manager periodically encounters a situation that exceeds the parameters of regular operations, for example, an acquisition or a sale of a competing or complementary company, an entry of an investor, a buy-out of one of the partners etc.

Over the years, Corsum Group has completed many such transactions.  We are ready to use our experience to your benefit. We will not only maximise your return, we will also reduce the added workload to you and your business by taking on substantial portions of the agenda related to the transaction.

We deal with transactions that often involve long and complex negotiations, when each party changes and shifts their negotiating position. Personal reasons and preferences often play their role as well.. In these cases, we take on the role of a mediator, which improves your maneuvering options and reduces tensions that could otherwise adversely affect the outcome of the negotiations.

In addition to assisting you in the individual transactions, we help you assess the business in general and define the overall strategic direction.