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Sale of your company

Have you founded or taken over a business and devoted years of your life to it? Now you sense that it's time for a change, and perhaps you want to start a new business, spend time with your family, or retire? Do you feel your business needs a bigger partner to succeed in a complex competitive environment? Or, maybe, you had never considered this option but now you have received an offer and you feel that it deserves careful consideration as the opportunity may not be repeated?

We are happy to help you assess your company situation and advise you on the timing of the transaction, the potential revenue, and the implementation plan. In case you decide to build on our analysis and sell, we will help you prepare the sale and successfully close the deal. We support you in finding a suitable partner, and we negotiate in a way that will bring you the most return under the best terms. In case you have an offer to sell your company, we investigate its attractiveness, for example, by creating a competitive environment.